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At Five Pillars Sober Living we provide a structured, safe, and supportive living environment for the recovering addict or alcoholic who is embarking on their new life in recovery, after primary rehab.

The Difference Between A Halfway House & Sober Living Facility


The difference, is to view a Halfway house as secondary care following on after the primary care of Rehab. Sober Living can be considered as tertiary care.

Completing a rehabilitation program is a huge accomplishment and well worth celebrating.

Staying sober is a lifelong process. Assuming that a 30 day treatment program can fix all your problems vastly underestimates the gravity of what you’re going through. It takes aftercare, time and working a solid 12 Step program to put you on the path to a full recovery.

For people in recovery, life after rehab should be a time of continuing progress toward permanent sobriety. Completing rehab is a big step, but continued support is necessary to avoid relapse.


A Halfway House, usually offered as secondary care by the rehab facility, allows support and structure to individuals after completing the initial 30 day treatment program.

The focus is still very much on group and individual therapy.

You will have a little more freedom, such as weekends out with family or the freedom to go to the shops etc. However, the focus is still very much what takes place at the facility and you will usually not be working or studying full time.


Sober living homes are usually independent of primary and secondary care. They are an opportunity to live in a supportive environment once you have finished a program in a drug or alcohol rehab.

Sober Living assists in reintegrating you into living a full and functional life out in the real world. Working, studying and developing healthy relationships while incorporating your recovery program into all aspects of your life.

Sober Living facilities combat isolation, allow you to take responsibility for your recovery and experience standing on your own two feet and living a full and meaningful life in recovery.

The Benefits of Exercise for Recovery & Sobriety

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