Get To Know Us

Five Pillars Sober Living Facility is situated in Edenvale, Johannesburg and is run by Lillian and Ian who have a combined period of 11 years clean and have been actively involved in various 12 Step fellowships around Johannesburg. They are both passionate about giving back and providing service to the fellowship and community. It is out of this passion that Five Pillars Sober Living Facility was born.

Evidence has shown that living in a community of your peers, while learning to balance your journey of recovery with the demands of reintegrating into society, has unparalleled therapeutic value.

At Five Pillars Sober Living we provide a structured, safe, and supportive living environment for the recovering addict or alcoholic who is embarking on their new life in recovery, after primary rehab. Our home is guided by the Five Pillars of the Narcotics Anonymous (NA) 12-Step recovery program, namely:

  • Regular attendance of 12-Step Meetings

  • Develop a strong relationship with your Sponsor

  • Connect with a Higher Power of your choice

  • Working through step-work as laid out in the 12-step program

  • Service at meetings, in the house as well as the broader community

Embedding these principles into your daily life helps ensure sustainable recovery.

Because addiction is a disease that affects the whole family unit, we also provide support and guidance to the families of the addict or alcoholic in our care. It is important to remember that you cannot control a loved one’s addiction, nor did you cause it. It is for this reason that having a loved one start their recovery journey in a sober living facility is so important and highly recommended. It gives families an opportunity to heal, while establishing important boundaries, allowing the addict to focus on their recovery. This balance of recovery support and personal accountability is designed to help you learn how to lead normal life and manage stressors without substance abuse.

As boredom and isolation are major triggers for relapse, we require residents to keep busy during the day, whether it be with gainful employment, studying or even committing time to a volunteer program. We assist in developing certain key life skills, such as:

  • Accountability

  • Financial responsibility, including budgeting, shopping, and saving

  • Interpersonal communication and conflict resolution

  • Relapse prevention

  • Goal setting

We have a code of conduct and a set of house rules that must be agreed to and followed. Residents will have daily and weekly duties. We have a zero tolerance of any substance of abuse and reserve the right to conduct random drug tests. Residents are required to attend a prescribed number of meetings each week.